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Environmental performance 

Raphaël Michel aims to be one of the leading international companies in the wholesale wine industry. We believe that sustainability is a core value and is key to attaining global leadership. Sustainability is incorporated into Raphaël Michel’s corporate vision, alongside economic, environmental and social concerns.

Respect for the Environment at the Forefront

Raphaël Michel is actively involved in rural development and committed to promoting of environmentally-friendly viticultural techniques. Some of the vineyards are certified as organic; this is a deliberate choice and a genuine aspiration. As the leading light of the group, Domaine des Bourdeaux sets a strong example, striving for authenticity and environmental respect by means of manual harvests and organic agriculture without fertilisers or chemical products.

Les Terrasses de Saint Pierre, located in the southeast of the commune of Valréas in the heart of the Enclave-des-Papes (Enclave of Popes), cultivates vines with respect for the environment to produce a natural grape. Here our greatest allies are the Provençal sun and the south wind named “Mistral”.

Making a conscious decision to allow the vines to grow is a step towards ensuring that the land is able to adapt and regenerate.

“To be ‘sustainable’ is to minimise one’s impact on the environment. We have to respect certain rules in order to preserve future generations. That is why we have decided to showcase traditional winegrowing techniques.” Damien Lafarge, Head of Wine Production

Sustainable working environment

Raphaël Michel is committed to implementing a managerial policy which respects our workforce, clients and suppliers, based on effective health and safety regulations.

The company has adopted a different approach for each type of supplier, while continuously striving to make progress in excellence. As part of this endeavour, our suppliers conducted assessments last year in key programmes and initiatives.

The company’s strategic objective is to establish long-term relationships with committed partners who are ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Employee health depends on a number of crucial factors, including the prevention of health risks and the provision of appropriate infrastructure and equipment. The wine cellar team wears safety clothing appropriate to the type of operation, including trousers, shoes, gloves and goggles.

The company offers multiple opportunities for personal and professional development.

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