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Raphaël Michel expertise


Selection of plots

From the very first blossoms until the day before the harvest, we select plots of vines which appear to have interesting potential. Our selection criteria relate to the age of the vines, the terroir and the conditions of the vineyard.

We now select more than 1500 hectares of vins de pays, AOC and crus and manage their cultivation methods to obtain a perfect harvest.

Our clients may also take advantage of our expertise and knowledge of “terroir potential” and take an active role in selection.



Logistic management

We adapt to our operations to our client’s flow management. We are recognised for our reactivity and reliability.

We manage a permanent inventory for items distributed by our clients. We always have stock in advance of current markets. This service offers great flexibility for our clients in the area of supply management.

In consideration of the issues relating to just-in-time management, we provide a supply management solution which is as efficient and reliable as possible.

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