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Oenotria-Cluster subsidiary

A storage platform for New World Wines

Oenotria Cluster is a European storage platform specialising in wholesale wine from the New World. The primary aim of the platform is to be reactive and to anticipate the demands of the market.

The cluster offers a global personalised service, including lorry transport to clients’ warehouses.



Exclusively New World wines

The wines come from Chile, South Africa, Australia, etc.

The platform stores wines of different varieties and qualities and tracks market prices, in line with a “win-win” business strategy.

First storage platform in Italy

Delivery time to clients is reduced, as stock is available at all times. The wine is usually delivered within a maximum of 15 days.

The platform offers a personalized service on a par with volumes ordered.

Customer service is the priority, specific demands will always be met with a solution.


Administrative management for documents and supplies is carried out by a transit company.

The logistic is a key element of the platform operation, it is necessary to be rigorous and organized in order to follow importations and exportations.


Our suppliers are rigorously selected to ensure they have up-to-date IFS and BRC certifications as well as the latest generation viticultural facilities. Oenotria also strives to develop sustainable quality relationships with its suppliers.

In Italy, Oenotria insists on a consistent product quality, carrying out frequent inspections of wines in the laboratory.

The wines are always stable, filtered and ready to bottle; no mixing is carried out at the platform.

Oenotria has a dynamic team with international experience, which is responsible for developing long-term partnerships with suppliers and clients.



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