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Dolia subsidiary

Close collaboration with Winegrowers

Founded in 2014, Dolia is a merchant organisation which purchases grapes from winegrowers for vinification, creating quality wines from all denominations of the Rhone Valley. The company has 2 production sites, in Visan (100,000 hl) and St André (50,000 hl).


Dolia Contact

. Stéphanie Daumas
. +33 (0)6 35 36 09 35


This innovative organisation offers tailor-made partnerships to its suppliers based on a unique purchasing plan adapted to the needs of their operations.
The organisation also supports its suppliers on the land, ensuring greater profitability from their operations and maximising the potential of their vineyards, thereby guaranteeing a high-quality harvest.
The company also aims to maintain existing operations and to promote the establishment and development of winegrowers.

A Dolia “Grapes” partner” is entitled to :

  • A partnership duration selected by the vigneron
  • A tailor-made contract
  • An adapted payment schedule
  • A net price – determined by contract
  • Harvest transport logistics guaranteed 7 days/week
  • Support for administrative processes
  • Support in the vineyard
  • Long-term visibility guaranteeing continuity of operations
  • Incorporation in the Raphaël Michel Group



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